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What is a Family?

It is interesting to know that different cultures define “a family” in different ways. An original image of a family includes two people of opposite sexes – a man and a woman. Both of them have parents who may or may not live with them. Once this couple decided to officially state their relationships they become a husband and a wife this giving a birth to a new element of society called a family. In the future this couple may have a child or children, it totally depends on their wishes and capabilities or they may want to adopt kids. All of these people together make one big family. Usually they are related officially or through blood, and live under the same roof.

In Indian culture a man is allowed to have several wives if he can afford to do so. When marrying a second wife he is allowed not to ask his first wife for her opinion about it. In some African cultures, on the contrary, ladies are allowed to have several men.

Nowadays in some parts of the USA and in Western Europe same sex marriages become acceptable. Such families have to use ECO or adopt children that’s why they are typically not connected through blood but are still considered to be a family.

Another world tendency is a civil marriage when people just live together without getting officially married and call each other a husband and a wife.

With such a variety of attitudes it is easy to get lost in family ties and loose connection with your loved ones over time and distance. That’s why our website was created. We are here to help you restore family ties and reunite with your loved ones once and of all!