I was the typical male college student. I ate whenever I thought I was hungry, and never put too much concern into what I looked like, or what kind of shape I was in, all up until about two weeks ago. I tried to go on a bike ride to a gas station just half a mile away, and it took all the effort I had to do so. It was time to change. I decided to start exercising, eating healthy, and live a better lifestyle. That was two weeks ago, since then, I’ve already lost 5.5 lbs! In this process, I’ve discovered something rather interesting which has really changed the way I buy groceries, and you might consider doing the same.
Before I had embarked on a quest to hit the gym and cut calories, I had bought whatever looked good and easy to cook at the grocery store. I usually bought all sorts of frozen foods, frozen pizza, cereal, snacks, and whatever. All of it was processed, ready to go, high in calories, and generally unhealthy. Of course all of these convenience foods are much more expensive than healthier and simpler foods, such as fruits, vegetables, lean meats, and grains.

I’ve started buying a lot more fruit, milk, vegetables, chicken, lean cuisine meals, and the like as compared to snacks, pop, frozen pizza, and the like. The most interesting result of this is that my weekly grocery bill went down about $10.00. I still have plenty of food to eat every day, and am actually getting about the same amount of food. Generally as a rule, healthy and simple food is a lot cheaper than expensive food. If you go for those diet meal plans you see on TV, you’ll spend a lot more, and I don’t recommend that anyone does that. However if you can develop your own menu and go out to the store and make food yourself, you can save a whole lot of money.

The food you make yourself will probably be much healthier for you, since it’s not processed, filled with preservatives, and only contains the ingredients that you want it to. Some of the great inexpensive and very healthy things that you can get from the grocery store include raw fruits and vegetables, lean meats, milk, whole-grain bread, and lean fish. None of these foods are very complicated and full of all sorts of different ingredients, but they will easily meet your basic nutritional needs, are very inexpensive, and not terribly difficult to make. Read More