It occurred again–yet another title this week insinuating that just the rich are able to eat healthily. This merely drives me nuts! Some health food items are likely to be costly than their unhealthy alternatives, though I resent once the media throws out these kinds of posts. It has a tendency to place the thought in individuals heads that they should not even bother trying to take in healthy–it’s simply too costly. So not true!!! also an extra! since I truly mean them. Everybody is able to afford to take in healthy. All it requires is some ingenuity and a bit of research. Snacking is a good way to add great nutrition to the day, and it does not have to be costly. A bag of bad chips most people consume in one or maybe 2 servings will run you far more than a number of very healthy alternatives.

In order to prove my point, I have figured out the expense of twelve snacks that are healthy per serving. For nearly all, I checked out my local supermarket without using coupons or even searching for product sales. Serving sizes were just used from the bundles. For the granola as well as nuts, it is much cheaper to locate a shop which provides these things in bulk. In case your typical grocery store does not provide them, go to your neighborhood health food store to look for nuts & cereals in bulk bins.

Healthy SnacksI’ve to acknowledge, the results actually shocked me. I list them right here from most costly to cheapest:

12. Greek yogurt with? cup fiber one cereal–$1.29

11. low-fat cottage cheese with? cup raspberries (from frozen)–$1.05

10. pear with a stick of low-fat string cheese–$1.03

9. celery with almond butter–92

8. apple with organic peanut butter–81

7. small carrots with hummus–77

6. full grain wheat crackers topped with low-fat cream cheese and halved grapes–73

5. full grain wheat crackers sprinkled with low-fat cheese (microwave to melt)–68

4. handful of raw almonds–60

3. homemade trail mix (I applied one lb granola with hemp and flax seeds,? lb unsalted roasted peanuts, along with one bag Ghirardelli sixty % cacao baking chips). It made twenty one (? cup) servings–46

2. banana slices sprinkled with cocoa powder–31

and also the star of the show

1. popcorn popped in a paper bag in the microwave (three cups popped)–5 (feel free to put in a few of cents for the paper bag and your preferred seasoning that you may sprinkle on the popped corn)

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