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Who and where are we?


Founded in 1997, the Society focuses on family history research. We have a local core and a greater number of remote members, all with links to Ayrshire. We are based in Alloway, the birthplace of Robert Burns, 2 miles south of Ayr. The Society is registered as a charity. (Charity number: SC029380)


Our members have interests covering the whole of Scotland, with inevitable migrations into other parts of the British Isles and the rest of the World. From our location in Alloway, we focus on the Southern part of Ayrshire, roughly that part South of the River Ayr.


We normally meet in the Alloway Parish Church Halls, Auld Nick’s View, Alloway, KA7 4RT (Map), on the third Tuesday of each month from September to May, at 19:30 for 19:45. We organise visits to places of interest to family historians, such as museums, libraries and other places housing historical documentation and artefacts.


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How To Choose The Best Life Insurance Quote

When you have some spare time, why don’t you Google ideal insurance coverage quotes, you’ll discover a quantity of quote providers stating “conserve seventy 5 % in 2 minutes!” Although it’ll take time in search of a trust-worthy insurance protection pricing quote website.


You should understand that the internet has made it much easier for us to match quotes, this have triggered insurers to lower their fees in recent years. Prime-rating quote carriers’ have arrangements with expert insurance firms that use the perfect prices. You’ll obtain fast aspect-by-facet contrasts from a plethora of insurance providers with inexpensive prices when you go to a revered web site.


Skimming through client testimonial websites supplies you with an idea of prime-rated quote distributors. Initially, resolve for the way long you’ll be making use of the protection and also why you need it, then through a life insurance policy calculator, determine just how a whole lot life insurance policy coverage safety you and also your liked ones.


Select from among numerous over discussed website and also go to his or her quote web page. This ought to be very easy to seek online website. Next off, you’ll be responding to a collection of questions; later on they’ll offer you a life insurance policy quote defining cheapest accessible kind of solution in action to your summary. These quotes should provide you the monetary position for the insurance firms.


Be specific you quotes are for the protection you remain in currently in desire of. When you outlive the date of the time period, it expires. Furthermore, you make not get approved for the protection if you are in poor health and wellness.


Earlier compared to picking their best insurance coverage firm, some decide to get insurance policy coverage prices quote from a wide range of companies. Nevertheless, important cash and time may be conserved from seeking totally free health insurance quotes from the web. With making use of internet techniques, there might be no obligation to buy the insurance protection after getting insurance coverage quotes.


There are brokers that help different life insurance providers that give cost-free quotes to whoever asks. These brokers supply free life insurance quotes of various firms. Attributable to current market circumstances, a lot of agents do not pick fee providing quotes. Some would cost a small fee when managing out life insurance quotes.


To obtain started with your health insurance coverage quotes, all you should complete an easy online software application kind. This provides you the power to compare and also differentiate a variety of strategies of numerous life insurance providers. Doing so would also be valuable; numerous insurance policy protection customers purchase pricey insurance policies due partly to the lack of expertise of the different strategies readily available.


When the consumer submits the inline kind to get quotes, trade consultants from the web website examine the applications. They’ll later e-mail totally free life-insurance quotes from a number of companies to the individuals. The consumers survey easily the complete life insurance coverage trade, without obtaining troubled for fees. Online health insurance protection quotes are estimates of rates of interest, tenure, and so on. Components representing health situations as well as dependencies are furthermore thought about. Over time, you have to see I the life insurance quote meet your needs.

Instagram: Take Advantage of the Silicon Valley Goldrush

Virtually everyone and also their granny has actually considered in on the Instagram procurement over the last 24 Hr, which demonstrates the level to which tech start-ups have actually made it right into the mainstream awareness of our culture (in part thanks to ‘The Social Network’). There is compelling Aaron Sorkin-esque story behind the Instagram acquisition: company costs $1B with no earnings in two years level. It goes over to state the least and also, obviously, debatable. However the genuine story is the fact that Instragram developed and also scaled their service to thousands of users with just a loads individuals. Do the math on that. $1,000,000,000/ 12 individual headcount = approx. $83M per head. That is just nuts.

The Instagram acquisition supplies us with yet one more proof point for a very big pattern in technology. The cost of starting As Well As scaling startups dropping = dramatically extra leverage for entrepreneurs.

Ten Years earlier, business owners with a concept and a Powerpoint presentation had to go to the VCs on Sand Hill roadway as well as primarily request for permission (read: $5M) to start their companies and also employ the 20 engineers should work with a model. Today, 2 twenty something years of age could get free office space, cost-free hosting and begin developing their model on a small Rammen budget-funding the whole venture on their credit cards. The lowered expense in starting has unleashed a dramatic shift in leverage away from financiers and also in the direction of business owners. Sweat, not loan, is where the power exists currently.

Instagram has absolutely grown a lot of users today.But on the other hand, there is also some limitations set on instagram to protect the user’s privacy. You can’t literally bumped into a certain instagram account if it is set private. Sad, right? but worry no more! With the help of technology, you can instantly access a private instagram account. Lear how to view private instagram profiles at

This change in power represents a gold possibility for entrepreneurs-a type of modern technology gold rush. Unlike the frothiness of the late 1990s, the Web has actually developed as a system and come to be common in every house and on every mobile phone. The catch 22 here is that there will be a remarkable increase in the number of owners (see Naval’s blog post on why we have a lack of designers in the Valley) which will unavoidably lead to a lot a lot more firms being developed as well as destroyed-capitalist innovative damage on steroids. This is not a negative point. The web impact is positive because there will be more item experiments taking place simultaneously, more companies achieving product-market fit, more value produced, works created … you get the picture. However, it does indicate that if you are a founder, you are going to need to invest much more time choosing your market to stay clear of the “me also, also ran” disorder.

As in all things tech, whatever I am stating in this article will most likely be pointless in 6-12 months, however it will be remarkable to view exactly how this power change plays out.

Secure Horizons Medicare Advantage

Safeguard Horizons Medicare Advantage selections

Protect Horizons is a department of United Healthcare as well as provides Benefit strategies, Medicare supplements and also Component D Drug protection for people with Medicare. Protect Horizons Medicare Advantage strategies are preferred because of the variety of choices supplied across the country and having strategies that are, at the very same time both, budget-friendly and advantage rich.

You have a lot of options to Compare Medicare Advantage 2018. Some plans are well-known since they have a presence nationally and others might not because they are used in limited service areas.

Medicare Benefit strategies are normally categorized by 2 criteria, first what kind, (if any kind of) network is needed and whether or not the plan includes Component D medicine protection.

Secure Horizons Medicare Advantage include all sorts of strategies in relation to network standing.

  • Health Maintenance Organization (HMO).
  • Preferred Supplier Organization (PPO).
  • Personal Fee-for-Service (PFFS).
  • Health care Organization – Factor of Solution (HMO_POS).

All plan types have choices that both, include Component D medication coverage and clinical just benefits.

HMO, PPO and also HMO-POS are branded as Medicare Total. PFFS is branded as Medicare Direct.

Not all options are offered in all solution locations and also some might not be renewed for the coming year. Benefit plans are offered as annual strategies and also insurance policy lugs that deal Benefit, contract with The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) to supply a certain choice for the calendar year.

Looking at Secure Horizons Medicare Benefit plan distinctions.

HMO, PPO and HMO-POS strategies are all network based strategies. PFFS strategies do not require a network and also members are not called for to pick a strategy medical professional.

The PPO strategies will usually pay for the member extra freedom of selection. As a PPO participant, you could opt to obtain your services from either a network service provider or go out-of-network to get solutions. If you make use of a network supplier, you will generally have lower cost sharing for co-pays as well as co-insurance.

The key advantage of the HMO is the lower cost sharing using network service providers. HMO strategies commonly have additional benefits that could not be discovered in other types of plans. HMO strategies are frequently offered in metropolitan areas with a greater population and an extensive service provider network. See to it that you fit with the provider network before you choose this type of strategy.

Beginning in all business marketing PFFS plans will be called for to offer those strategy members accessibility to a supplier network. This has actually had lots of companies either leave the PFFS market or reveal that they will certainly non-renew plans for the following year.

If you have a PFFS plan from Secure Horizons Medicare Benefit or any other carrier, make sure to view your mail to see if your plan is one that will not be offered the following year. Too many individuals just presume that their strategy will certainly restore only to find out that they have shed their protection when they try to utilize it the following year.

Regardless of what kind of Benefit prepare you have, when it comes time to restore, taking a look at Secure Horizons Medicare Benefit plans may deserve your time. Simply understand the type of plan that you are enrolling in so you don’t have any type of shocks when it comes time to get your advantages.

New Trends in Window Treatments

Interior decor patterns advance as favored colors as well as fabrics enter as well as out of style. When you want to update your home, modify your window therapies. This type of change can have a dramatic influence on an entire space.

Glue Films

When personal privacy is necessary however you desire something simple that will certainly allow light in, sticky films that affix straight to the glass could be an eye-catching choice. Adhesive films are economical as well as minimalistic, complementing many different indoor styles. You can locate films in different patterns and also shades to match any decoration. Buy adhesive movie on a roll or in sheets. You could after that reduce items to fit accurate glass dimensions.

Organic Materials

Picking home window therapies made from natural products will include ingenious appearance as well as shades to an area. These all-natural products also include unique atmosphere as well as character to the decoration. Look for materials such as bamboo, lawn weave, rattan, hemp, sisal, and wood timbers. Materials in a selection of colors and structures enable you to create just the appearance you desire.

Extravagant Fabrics

Dressing windows in opulence is a popular pattern. If you select glamorous fabrics such as suede, velour, or silk, you instantly infuse an upscale feeling to the area. Extravagant fabrics magnificently curtain when hung, which guarantees an elegant effect. These materials likewise tend to capture light.

Simpleness Guidelines

Gone are the days of poufs, tassels, and also fringes. As home window therapies move on from these luxurious styles, look for minimalist patterns and also easy styles. As an example, drapes puddling on the flooring are a lost fad. Now, the material reaches the floor with simply an inch or two of extra. Looser pleats add a laid-back panache to curtains. Numerous draperies currently have dual pleats to develop a looser look.

A Concentrate on Equipment

In lots of homes, the equipment for the window therapies takes center stage as opposed to the material. Grommets are a simple, yet appealing means to hang curtains. Attractive rods as well as finials are intriguing methods to include drama as well as style to windows. Also tie-backs for drapes have taken a strong progression, incorporating definitive designs and also products such as ceramic, timber, glass, and also steel.

Shades and Patterns

If you prefer fancy interior design, austin window treatments could be the excellent means to include this style to your house. Bold patterns, animal prints, and intense shades are coming to be mainstream. You could even find feather accents in some drape styles. Shade blocking and two-tone color combinations are other prominent trends. Take into consideration two-toned large panels, either alone or with drapes.

Explore your alternatives by checking out magazines as well as reading the Net. When you obtain a suggestion of exactly what designs as well as colors attract you, you will be ready to shop. You might even consider making your therapies in order to save money.

Massage Chairs For Daily Usage

Massage chairs are a reliable means to get massage treatments on a daily basis. Unlike seen a masseuse or specialist, massaging reclining chairs are constantly readily available based on your routine. You do not need to make a consultation or most likely to a specific area. Massage therapy chairs make it very easy as well as practical for you to obtain a treatment whenever you like.

Most people like obtaining a massaging treatment. There is something extremely easing unwinding regarding the whole experience. There are also a lot of health and wellness benefits from eating massage treatment. It is as vital as diet regimen and also exercise. Nevertheless, much like diet regimen as well as exercise it is essential to do on a consistent basis. Massaging chairs are the most effective means to obtain frequent therapies.

They come in a different selection of designs and different attribute sets. It is very important to identify a few of the features that are essential for you. A lot of best cushion chairs include a variety of automatic programs to provide for various sets of requirements.

Massaging chairs make it convenient to get a therapy whenever you want. All you have to do is take a seat and press a switch. The massage chair will certainly work on relieving and relaxing your body and mind.

Among the great aspects of rubbing chairs is that you can get a complete body therapy for as much time as you have. If you remain in a hurry, after that obtain a five or 10 minute massage therapy. This is a fantastic method to get some excellent relaxation as well as top quality time.

Many individuals put a massaging chair in the work environment. Massage chairs assist people to relax as well as refresh. Many people report greater performance as individuals are more relieved as well as loosened up.

Massage chairs include push-button controls. This allows the individual to select an automated programs or to pinpoint a technique. The automatic massages run a complete body treatment program. The hand-operated programs are made use of to target certain areas.

Rubbing recliners assist you get a complete body treatment in much quicker time than a rubbing therapist. A typical specialist deals with one component of the body at once. To puts it simply they operate in sequence.

Massage chairs are able to work on a couple of different components of the body at the same time. They operate in parallel. This enables you to obtain a full body treatment in a much shorter duration compared to with the traditional massage therapist approach.

A massaging recliner chair provides you a lot more focused therapy in a much shorter period of time. This enables you to get a reliable full body relief in much less time. This is one of the useful reasons many massage therapy chairs are put in an office atmosphere.

Utilizing a massage reclining chair is enjoyable as well as simple. The remote has numerous shows options. An LCD display shows the task in real-time.

There are a variety of automated programs for full body treatments. Many makers have replicated one of the most preferred massage techniques. You can find popular methods such as shiatsu, Swedish, reflexology, acupressure, as well as Junetsu.

Why not have one of the most popular massage therapy programs at hand. Rubbing recliners are capable of supplying shiatsu, reflexology, acupressure, or even Swedish design massage therapy. This offers you a great range of methods to apply when you require him.

The most effective way to get frequent and consistent massage therapy is with Massage therapy Chairs. Believe just how much less complicated it is to sit in your home or office to get a massage. These advanced recliners provide comprehensive and regular massage.

The Art of Imitation

Basically, an Emulator mimics or duplicates; it is something that poses something else. Technically speaking, it is a simulation of the features of one system using a various system, to ensure that the second system shows up to act like the very first system. An essential spin-off of modern-day innovation, an emulator gives individuals the capacity to get better control of the product/service it specifically offers.

The influence of emulators is most felt on the planet of computer systems. As each computer consists of both software and hardware, the solid dependence between these two entities introduces a threat. If one of these falls short, it will influence the computer system’s operation as well as, subsequently, its abilities. As each equipment tool will at some point damage down, software ease of access is at stake. Emulation provides a solution to this issue.

As emulation copies a certain computer system platform/program on an additional platform/program, it makes it feasible for users to watch records and run programs on a computer not made to do so. In itself a program, an emulator develops an extra layer between an existing computer platform (host) and also the platform to be duplicated (target).

Adaptability: The numerous faces of the emulator

Whereas before emulation was viewed as limited just to computer system systems, it has actually long since progressed to accommodate the needs of various other locations like those of modern technology, the mobile web, organisation, video games, aviation, and even art.

Emulators like the famous Nintendo 3ds emulator are specifically visible now in the pc gaming market. Video gaming giants like Sony, Microsoft Xbox, Nintendo and also Sega, among others, typically create their video game console software program on especially precise console emulators before attempting it on actual equipment. This enables them to check their software program before finally producing the final hardware in big quantities. In video gaming, the majority of the time the firm generating the simulator is additionally the one offering the hardware, which subsequently enhances quality assurance.

Similarly, emulation is additionally widespread in aviation and also aeronautics. Aerospace producers use design flight simulators in the advancement and screening of flight hardware. Emulation strategies are used to earn flight hardware job. Artificially-generated or actual signals such as electric, RF as well as finder are imitated depending on the sort of devices being tested. Engineering flight simulators are likewise made use of on the development as well as screening of flight software application as well as the airplane system itself.

Flight simulators are likewise thoroughly utilized by the aeronautics market for style and advancement as well as for the training of pilots and also other flight deck team in both civil and also army airplane. This trip simulator attempts to replicate, or imitate, the experience of flying an airplane. It is as reasonable as feasible. Various sorts of flight simulators exist. They range from video games approximately full-size cockpit reproductions mounted on electromechanical actuators.

Aerospace firms also make use of space flight simulators to duplicate the experience of area flight in a spacecraft as closely and also as reasonably as feasible. These array from video games as much as cabin replicas managed by modern computer modern technology or fancy water tanks for the simulation of weightlessness. Room trip simulators are made use of almost entirely by the aerospace sector and also the armed forces for cosmonaut/astronaut training, catastrophe simulation and also spacecraft advancement.

Emulators are likewise used in hardware architecture. Numerous printers, for example, are designed to mimic Hewlett-Packard Laser Jet printers because a great deal of software is composed for HP printers. By replicating an HP printer, a printer could work with any software program written for a genuine HP printer. It methods the operating software right into believing that this gadget is truly a few other tool.

Emulation is also a conservation method greatly made use of in New Media Art as it mostly makes use of digital layouts. Some artists who concentrate on reanimating obsolete innovations in their art work identify the value of a decentralized procedure for the conservation of electronic culture. The objective of emulation in New Media Art is to protect a digital medium so it could be saved forever as well as recreated without mistake. This reduces the reliance of musicians on hardware, which ages and also lapses.

Undoubtedly, the crucial duty of the emulator has actually never been as highlighted as it is currently. It has also gone so far as to infiltrate the climbing mobile internet. In fact, most mobile site building contractors make use of the emulator to allow individuals to check out, in real time, their mobile web sites as if viewing it from a mobile phone. Mobilemo, a mobile site builder, developed an emulator that works as an expansion of the smart phone itself. It lets the owner view the changes he made in tailoring his mobile website. The emulator of such site additionally has browsing abilities that also enables users to see the mobile sites of other members through the computer system.

How to Spot a Poor Locksmith

When you ask for emergency situation locksmith professional solutions, your day might already be transforming south. An emergency locksmith professional is commonly asked for solution when you have actually faced issues with locks, keys or both. Keys may be shed or missing out on, a lock could be obstructed, the secret may have broken inside the lock or a few other similar problem may be creating you difficulty. An emergency locksmith professional can take a trip to your location to assist you get rid of those issues. Nonetheless, it is essential to keep in mind that not all firms that offer emergency situation solutions are the same. Below are a couple of crucial points to seek to stay clear of being scammed by a bad locksmith professional.

A Local Address

As a first step, look for a business that has a local organisation address. Any kind of company could request a phone number with a regional prefix from a telephone company, so it is not nearly enough to have a neighborhood telephone number. Instead, when checking out a business’s site, guarantee that they have a local address. If they do not provide the address online, ask the business’s rep over the phone what business address is. When you want emergency situation services, the last point you want to do is to contend with a person having to travel to your area from out of town. You will take pleasure in the fastest action when you collaborate with a local business.


As a 2nd action, think about reviewing the firm’s internet site for their qualifications as well as experience. A reliable Locksmith 11221 in New York has a qualifications and specialized training in the area and even more will happily promote this on the business website. It is inadequate to use a business that lists all the solutions that it supplies. Instead, you want to look for a company that has unique training. This will certainly make sure that your locks and residential property are not damaged while you are getting locksmith solutions.

An Expert Appearance

You absolutely might not expect a locksmith to arrive at your location using a company suit or a full attire, however you ought to anticipate a locksmith professional to have a professional appearance and also to conform to a specific firm image. Many firm internet sites will confirm that the locksmith professional will get to your area in a significant vehicle with the company’s logo on it, as well as the expert who gets here might at the very least be using a shirt with the firm logo. If the firm website does not show this, make sure to ask about this when you call for service. Consider if you are stranded in a parking area in the middle of the night or asking for solution to your home when you are alone. The last point you want is to totally welcome the solutions of a strange male without a professional attire on as well as without company markings on his car. This step will certainly ensure your safety.

Your day may have already hit a barricade when you call a locksmith professional for service, but it doesn’t need to obtain any even worse. Take just a couple of mins of time to evaluate these elements prior to you request service from a locksmith professional company to prevent calling a bad locksmith professional to your area.

Best Ways to Rescue Your Phone When Damaged By Water

With cellular phone ending up being a vital component of our lives, people typically fear them obtaining damaged. This anxiety is not just concerning mobile phone however all gadgets that you bring along.

For example, getting an iPhone display repair or iPod display repair is certainly an uphill struggle. Furthermore, the circumstance becomes worse when your cell phone splashes. However still it is not completion of the world. You could save your phone when you act rapidly.

This will avoid your mobile phone from obtaining any more damages. It additionally depends upon the quantity of water that is splashed on your phone or there is an opportunity of dropping it in a pool. Whatever the factor was, the first thing you have to do is eliminate the battery and also do not keep it back up until you are done with all stages of cellular phone rescue.

In instance of a non-removable battery, switch it off entirely. Then, attempt drying it out. The best way to do this is to bury your phone in a pack of silica gel. They are conveniently offered as packaged material together with some electronic tools. In situation, you cannot obtain your practical silica gel beads, you can attempt an additional method.

Hiding your phone in some dish containing rice is another choice you can try. However see to it that the phone is completely submerged in it. The strategy, maybe clear by now, is meant to remove dampness. The huge concern is the length of time it has to be kept in the bowl for removal of water completely. Though the moment duration differs according to the quantity of moisture, you can keep it there for 24 hours for finest outcomes.

If you think the moisture is completely gone, you can change the battery back in its place. When you see any type of trace of water in any way, just pull out the battery and also keep the phone in rice till the moisture is completely gone.

This is not an utmost option but certainly offers you one last opportunity to conserve your priceless phone as well as with it the crucial information that you could not birth to shed.

According to some people even a hair clothes dryer can be utilized to coiffure your mobile. This could actually be damaging to some important circuits of your fragile mobile. As you all know, damaging a circuit could obtain beyond repair, so it is the last point you ever intend to do.

After all these tips, saving a phone is difficult. The very best initial method is to be careful to prevent any such damages. Next up is to go for a reliable and safe iPhone repair services like iPhone Screen Repair Singapore. They offer all kinds of iPhone screen replacementsuch as iphone 8 screen repair.

The key point below is to continue to be tranquil to make sure that you can make use of the resources up to your optimum potentials. Apparently, most of the times, damage due to water is irreparable if dampness efficiently reaches the internal circuitry. If this is not the case, you still have a possibility.


Even if the Simulation Hypothesis is false, you still ‘live’ or ‘exist’ in a virtual reality, thanks to yourself. You ‘exist’ within a virtual reality because all of your external really real reality is alt

red by your own brain’s internal mental software to fit inside your skull. Since really real reality isn’t inside your skull, what you perceive there has to be virtual reality generated by your brain’s mental software.

Video games, training simulations, “what if” research scenarios are all 2-D. Depth is an illusion generated by the software.

Now say you climb up to the Observation Deck of the Empire State Building (or equivalent) and take in all of the vast external landscape spread out before you. Now clearly that volume of space you see cannot fit inside your skull, yet that’s exactly where it is since 100% of your really real reality is literally now inside your skull but as virtual reality. Everything external to your skull is perceived and filtered to fit comfortably inside your skull. Just like in a simulation, the dimensionality is transformed. Left-right and top-bottom are compressed to fit and depth is again illusionary. Your external world maybe 3-D but your perception is 2-D – just like any other virtual reality simulation.

You don’t have enough bits and bytes inside your skull to accommodate all that you see, so short-cut compromises are being made by your brain’s mental software in order to fit what you externally see to fit that view that’s now inside your skull.

I cannot fit inside your head but if you saw me, that’s where I’d be thanks to the photons reflecting off of me and into and through your eye and on to your retina hence converted to electrical impulses which transmit as electrical signals into your brain which reconstructs same back into a virtual reality version of me that now can fit inside your skull.

In reducing the vastness of outside (your skull) to the compactness of inside (your skull), that’s showing an economy of scale. There has to be a loss of data in this compactification of a large amount of volume thrust into a tiny volume (your skull). Lots of stuff gets left out. So in fact there might be relatively little similarity between the really real reality out there and the virtual reality inside your head. It’s like saving one in every ten letters that’s in the text of a book or other document. It’s the same with any simulation. There’s never a one-on-one correlation.

This concept of Games for Virtual Reality is all in the mind is also nicely illustrated by the fact that you dream. Your dreams are internal to you. They are virtual reality. Your brain’s mental software can create highly, very highly realistic dreams and dream scenarios. And as with the case of the translation of a vast external reality shrunk down to fit inside your skull, your dream landscapes are mini versions of what would exist, if they exist at all, ‘out there’.

How about memory? Say one hundred days ago you did one thousand things from waking up and getting dressed, to going to the bathroom and making up the bed, to making, eating and doing (washing) the breakfast dishes, from going to the store to buy milk and bread, to watching this and that show, reading this book chapter, going out dancing, posting bits and pieces here – thousands upon thousands of possibilities. Presumably your neural processes didn’t discriminate between all of these one thousand activities that you did one hundred days ago. Yet one hundred days on, you might remember say just two out of those one thousand things that you did, yet you made no conscious decisions about what to remember and what to forget. So apparently there is a software program within your neural networks that decides for your conscious self what to forget and thus dumps those nine hundred and ninety-eight activities into the recycling bin and deletes it all. So there’s deliberate design that removes any and all unnecessary clutter and deliberate fine-tuning by defining exactly what is and what is not clutter.

Now take the two things you do remember – say one of which was this new catchy tune on the radio. Now you don’t have inside your brain any of the standard technological memory retention devices like hard-drives, USB sticks, LPs, CDs & DVDs, pieces of paper, celluloid film, punch-cards, and so on. So what exactly is storing those two activities from one hundred days ago? It probably has to be chemistry of some sort. Since I can’t think of any kind of known chemistry (atmospheric, nuclear, cooking, blood, soil, organic, inorganic, bio, etc.) that incorporates memory, how is this new catchy tune stored?

Oh, there is one other memory storage device – software.

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