The Society owns microfiche readers and computers, and a library of books, micro-fiche and CDs, which are available for use at meetings.

A list of these resources is available using the Library books, CDs, Microfiche menu links above. Members logged-in via the Members page, who are able to attend meetings, can request a Library resource using the Contact Librarian menu link above or the envelope icon on the resource description pages. Members similarly logged-in, but are unable to attend meetings, can request a search of a resource using the Contact Researcher menu link above.

These services are not available to non-members.


Limited research may be carried out on behalf of those members living outwith Ayrshire making use of locally available resources such as newspapers, voters rolls, etc.

Photographs of specific gravestones, localities etc. of interest to members may be provided.

No charge is made for such research, apart from reimbursement of any expenses incurred for travel, photocopying, postage, etc.

To contact a researcher, please use the Contact Researcher menu link above.


The Society has recorded the inscriptions on monuments in a number of graveyards in southern Ayrshire (see Publications).

There should be up-to-date information about current projects on the Activities section.

After logging in via the Members page, local members can request a resource such as a CD set, a computer, Internet access, a Microfiche reader, etc. for use for their own projects at a Workshop session. If several requests for the same resource are received, then timeslots will have to be allocated.